Who’s Matéush?

Hello, I’m Matéush. I am a software engineer and digital nomad. I created this site for my younger self — a bit lost, eager to become the best developer and seeking way into “big tech”.
It is me.

Hey, I’m Matéush

I’m a software engineer with an extraordinary career. I lived in three countries and spent more than a decade working for various firms from startups to large enterprises.

Two years ago I became a digital nomad and started to share my journey to help developers to design their careers and earn six-figure salary.

A few facts about me

  1. I’m not American and never lived in the US. Actually, I visited the US for the very first time in 2022.
  2. My first job was at a creative agency where I made $15.000 annual.
  3. In 2019 I got my first $100,000 salary.
  4. In 2022 I became a digital nomad and traveller.
  5. I lived in Poland, Austria and United Arab Emirates.
Me at the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro

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